SEASON 1 (2021)

The Stolen Hours Podcast is a collection of recorded conversations with known or unknown Creatives across the Arts. Guests share what they create and the back stories that have made them who they are today. Listen in to help support the community of creators and to find some inspiration of your own.    @thestolenhourspodcast

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Episode 19: The Master Carpenter...The Artist...The Woodshop Teacher: Jeremy Westhaver (published June 22nd, 2021)


Jeremy Westhaver is a master craftsman; an artist who works with wood as his material and inspiration. His creations range from segmented wood-turned vases to custom made one of a kind furniture. He is also one of the last great industrial education teachers. The day that this episode was first published was the last day of his career in education. His retirement also taps into the end of a legacy of industrial arts educated teachers who are nearly impossible to find a replacement for in modern times (as the certification system has changed.) He has dedicated over three decades to teaching a range of topics from electronics and robotics (way before the term STEM became an educational trend,) TV Video and Production, and for the majority of his career sharing his greatest passion -the art of woodworking. Jeremy's developed courses in woodturning and advanced woodworking and has introduced thousands of high school students to the world of creating complex objects that embody both creativity and the beauty of the material they are made with. He is one who embraces the most ancient and the most modern tools for 21st century creators- wood and laser beams (for engraving). Throughout his career he has consistently taught how to do what he does through creating his masterpieces right alongside of students.

Episode 18: The Playwright...The Drama Therapist... The ESL Teacher: Yasmine Beverly Rana (published June 15th, 2021)

Yasmine's website.

Conversations with Ken and Yasmine on YouTube

Yasmine Beverly Rana is an internationally acclaimed playwright whose work has been performed throughout the world. True life stories from realities here in the US and abroad or from those she has worked with in her life as a drama therapist inform her plays and deal with humanity surviving under oppression. Her plays have been performed with The Looking Glass Theater, La MaMa, Nora's Playhouse, The National School of Drama in India, at The International Human Rights Festival, and more. Her work has been published in the Alabama Literary, several Best of Women's Monologue collections, and too many to name. The War Zone is My Bed and Other Plays, published by Seagull Books contains a cohesive collection of her plays. Yasmine is also a cohost for the YouTube show called "Conversations with Ken and Yasmine," which is home to a collection of conversations and interviews with topics that consider the arts, education, society, politics, and authentic humanity. In this episode Yasmine discusses her work as a playwright and an educator, but also shares her love of fine art and her hopes for humanity.

Episode 17: The Artist...The Farmer: Marcia Letizia

Marcia's Instagram

Marcia Letizia is a collage artist who has no problem tackling the topics of today with a sense of humor or complete and controversial seriousness. Her talent in this art form has been noticed by the community surrounding her, but also by the likes of the Contemporary Art Gallery Beers London. Marcia, who earned a BFA from Parsons and spent her early career as an illustrator in France, then spent 15 years working as a Director of Visual Merchandising for Bloomingdales. Since she choose to leave the profession she now spends much of her working hours as a farmer at Vernon Valley Farm. Here she couldn't help but continue to bring that visual designer experience into town as she helped set up the space of the local Valley Farmers Coop. Marcia discusses her career in the arts, her personal creations, how she encouraged her children's creativity, and the catharsis that creating collages provides for her life. This episode also bears witness to the brainstorming that led to the Highland Lakes Artist Group's first daytime Eclectic Festival of the Arts.

Episode 16: The Musician...The Entrepreneur: Dylan Clark of the band The Milwaukees (published June 1st, 2021)


Dylan Clark has been dedicated to making original music for 30 plus years. His impressive collection of music with the band, The Milwaukees, brings a listener on a tour of rock and roll from a time that goes even further back in the decades. He has no problem giving a nod to his favorite bands within his creations which range from pure rock to punk to indie rock. Dylan and his bandmates have recently released "The Calling," another well crafted and authentic album full of songs that make you feel the need to both sing along and also get out there to follow your own creative promptings. Dylan shares some of the stories behind his songs, but also how much he rejoices in what others make. Throughout the decades the music has never left him, even as he established his own business installing and finishing wood floors and beginning a family with his fashion designer wife Melissa. They still live and work and create in NJ; not too far up Rt. 23 where the first songs he wrote came together. A lifetime of creating music gives Dylan a great wisdom of how and why to create. We get to hear much of that here, but to get the full story, the one that may be spoken even more clearly in guitar shreds, licks, and melodies, take some time to listen to The Milwaukees today.

Episode 15: The Artist...The Art Professor: Andrea Geller (published May 25, 2021)

Andrea Geller's Instagram

Her Website

On Artsy

Andrea Geller is landscape and figurative painter who lives and works in Northern New Jersey. Her creations explore storytelling, a sense of place, atmosphere, and the textures of the paint itself. After receiving her BFA from Parsons School of Design she spent her early career as an illustrator and graphic designer. After that she earned an MFA at William Paterson University and has dedicated her creative skills in building up an impressive portfolio of paintings that have been shown extensively throughout the Northeast and beyond. Alongside of her dedicated life of art making she has raised wonderfully creative children with her husband Carl who also has an MFA and has been offering all she has learned to college students in her work as an adjunct Art professor. Enjoy this conversation about it all alongside her insights into being a woman in the arts and how she has integrated her creativity throughout all of life. Her work can be viewed in person in Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, NY. ow she has integrated her creativity throughout all of life. Her work can be viewed in person in Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, NY.

Episode 14: BONUS! Simulpodcast with HiddenTracks (Music) Podcast Host Shane Murphy! (published Sunday, May 23rd, 2021!)

HiddenTracks on Instagram

Listen to HiddenTracks Podcast

In this "Simulpodcast" HiddenTracks podcast host, Shane Murphy, and I team up to answer the question we are often asked, "Who is going to interview you?" We do exactly that and then we published it simultaneously on both of our podcasts. Shane is a Storm Water Engineer and Music Lovers Podcast Host whose intellect and creativity and passion for music have led him to be both the guy who is simplifying sophisticated engineering concepts in training sessions for engineers in his work life and the guy who steals hours to record conversations with musicians and music fans for HiddenTracks. His guests range from Indie musicians just beginning their careers to those who have already made a name for themselves like John Easedale from Dramarama and G Love!) The genres he explores go across the music landscape and there is truly something for everyone in his weekly show. We discuss the importance of doing what you love to feel fully alive, how the support of our loved ones encourage us, and how a love for music and the backstory of our favorite bands is what part of what motivates us to do what we do. Of course we discuss podcasting as well, why we keep hitting the record button, and spending the time to produce our shows. Shane is the one who helped The Stolen Hours begin with tons of good advice and support. This episode was recorded in Shane's HiddenTracks' lair which looks much more like your favorite record store than a man cave. FYI- There are some swears in the mix on this one.

Episode 13: The Art History Professor... The Writer: Alejandro Anreus: (published Tuesday night May 18th, 2021!)

Alejandro's Publications. His Art.


Professor Alejandro Anreus is an art historian known for his expertise and research in modern and contemporary art of Latin America and the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean, Latinx Art in the US (Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic), African American Art (1920s-1960s), American Art

and Politics of the 1930s, Exile Culture of Latin America, and Liberation Theology. He is also known by his students at William Paterson University as one who is completely down to earth and authentic and teaches about life through Art and... lessons from his grandmother. Alejandro is one who considers the full context of the art he shares with his readers and his students. He reminds, "Art is a wonderfully resistant element that will always be there. It is the witness of life." In this recording Alejandro shares what he consistently includes in his classroom and his writing: the social and historical context, but also the spirituality of the artists and the human experiences surrounding what has been created. He reminds us to not forget the "poetry of life with all of its beauty and its brutality." With that lens, he challenges the historical tendency to focus on the oppressive powers that rule societies since eventually they will just be seen as a side note to describing the great art, writing, and music of the time. When we focus on the ideal, the nostalgia, the extremes we often miss the nuances of real life and the full context of what makes life open our eyes. This amazing conversation calls for breaking bread, justice, fulfillment and challenging each other in a sincere way rather than just silencing people. He encourages living our entire lives as a sacrament; an outward sign of an inward grace.

Notes on this episode:

The story of the Xmas tree drawing was told to Alejandro by Chicano scholar Tomas Ybarra Frausto – it happened to a major Chicano artist who told him the story...possibly the late Ruben Trejo, a sculptor.

The poet commenting about Castro was the Cuban Catholic poet Gaston Baquero, who died in exile in Madrid. He said something like “Castro will be remembered merely as the dictator of Cuba during the deaths of the painter Amelia Pelaez (d. 1968) and the poet Jose Lezama Lima (d. 1976).

The black man who challenged and converted a leader of the KKK through friendship was the musician Daryl Davis.

Episode 12: The Communications Manager... The Musician: Jai Agnish: (published Tuesday night May 11th, 2021!)

Jai's Website Jai's instagram: @jaiagnish

Jai Agnish has been making music since his youth. Alongside, came a sincere desire to support and build a community of creators that were independently getting their creations out there just like him. This led to the creation of his independent record label, Blue Bunny Records, and his Fanzine called Flygirl back in the late 90's. Both were created to support the known and unknown indie musicians he loved and befriended. Writers and artists who were just beginning to hone their art, found a chance to be published on the pages of the zine next to fun interviews with musicians ranging from Lou Barlou to Liz Phair. All of Jai's publications, on disc and paper, eventually became available on the shelves at Tower Records and many of the other favorite indie music supporting record stores. Jai has continued to make music, with several albums in his catalog to enjoy, but since he has also expanded his media expertise into careers that continue to support and help build other communities. For a decade and a half he worked as a newspaper reporter and editor in Northern New Jersey and now uses all of his skills in his position as a communications manager for the Archdiocese of Newark.

Enjoy this conversation as we discuss it all (including how one of his latest songs is enjoyed weekly in the intro of this podcast!) We even sneak in how he became a pilot and masterfully documented that process as only a skillful journalist could.

Support and check out Jai's music at

Episode 11: The Storyboard Artist... The Art Professor...The Storyteller Robert Castillo: (published Tuesday night May 4th, 2021!)

Roberts's Website S.P.I.C.-The Storyboard of My Life

Robert Castillo is a Storyboard Artist who has created the storyboards for movies, promo material, music videos, and commercials across the Marvel Universe and beyond. He began his career with receiving the Gold Prize at the Student Academy Awards and several other festival awards for his film S.P.I.C- The Storyboard of my Life. Robert is a master storyteller in the visual form of drawing, but he also tells more stories of his life in this episode with an honesty, energy, humor, and perspective that is just as enlightening and entertaining. He describes how his Mom used glue to fix the haircut his brother gave himself right before a family wedding, how he dealt with racism as a Latino growing up in Boston during the 80s, how he jokingly asked Stan Lee for a job at a comic book signing, how he helped a kid threatening others with a knife to laugh, and more. Robert also discusses how he balances his freelance storyboard work, his new job as an art professor, and everything else. Straight from the wisdom of comic books he reminds that in everything we can decide to be a victim, a villain, or a hero in response to what life throws at us.

Episode 10: The Collective Artist... The Highway Missionary... Paul Wislotski (published Tuesday night April 27th, 2021!)

Paul's Website Follow on Facebook at Paul's Innerprizes

We met Paul Wislotski, the collective artist and highway missionary, in Hoboken about 20 years ago. He had a collection of art pieces and art supplies in a homemade rolling cart that was tied to his belt. That cart dutifully followed him as he walked down the Hudson River waterfront keeping an eye out for the next ride. Paul has called the road his home since 1981, when he began his travels on the roadways of America. From hitchhiking, to riding a motorcycle, to driving in his van "Nancy", and now living and exploring the country in his hard to find parking spot RV named "Betty," he has helped create so many shared stories with the people he has met along the way. For over two decades those travels have come with a purpose: to make art with others in all 50 states and to collect or send the "art peaces," as he calls them, around the world to those people in most need of some love. Paul shares his experiences and his mission that began at the 25th anniversary of Woodstock in 1994 and continues, he hopes until...kingdom come.

Episode 9: The Creative Writing Teacher...The Writer: Dr. Pat Wilk (published Tuesday night April 20th, 2021!)

Dr. Wilk's website:

In this episode, Dr. Wilk shares wonderful insights into the art of teaching writing, but more so how "...all those things for which there are no words, are lost." Listen in to hear Wilk's life stories through her readings of her original poems and this spoken word account of it all. Hear about the timid goat she befriended in her youth, the story of the NJ Diner in transit that she witnessed as she commuted home from school on Rt. 287 South, how cleaning a knife reminds her of one of the greatest loves of her life, and how a star stamp inspired Wilk to imagine a series of events that led to a small town being showered by hundreds of poorly written essays that were cherished as keepsakes from the heavens by the townspeople. In this recording Dr. Wilk and I collaborate once again as we did back in the days of our Documentary for Social Change class, a course that encouraged our students to tell their own stories, using multiple forms of media, in an authentic manner, and brought out the best in the both of us.


Driving home from work on an ordinary everyday

afternoon with not enough time traffic report

no chicken in the fridge and a little league game to get to

late as usual on 287 south the traffic slows

around a huge flatbed trailer with WIDE LOAD signs

draped around it, probably another modular home

on its way to contaminate a landscape somewhere, but no.

Suddenly I’m right behind it, and it turns out to be

an entire diner, one tiny chrome art deco room,

rounded edges glittering in the sun. The scale is not quite

right: too large for any model train world and yet

too small for real life. The cook who flips pancakes

could surely reach across the counter and

lean his weight against the opposite wall while waiting

for the bubbles to rise to the surface of the batter.

The entire building sits on the truck like a package

being shipped, a present wrapped in silver

waiting to be opened. The back end hangs a little

off the truck as the screen door hangs ajar,

banging open and closed while a giant sign

taped to the window flutters in the wind,

its big hand-painted letters reading


Tied to the door handle, a big bouquet of helium balloons,

multicolored, mostly deflated, hovers half-aloft,

the balloons banging against each other,

pulling towards the back of the truck but not escaping.

WE LOVE YOU GOODBYE just like that.

And the regulars who came to sit in front of their coffee

each morning and figure out how to survive the day,

knowing that at least their bran muffin or hash browns

or egg over easy were on the way,

who ordered grilled Reubens or Greek salads or cheeseburgers

with onion rings for lunch and knew that they could free the day

for an hour, who came to find a safe friendly place for tea and lemon

in the afternoon, or banana creme pie at night, and talk of

the husband the job the teenager the hospital the cat....

all of those people will see the empty rectangle of earth

in the center of the asphalt, and know that

nothing will ever really grow there again.

Pat Wilk

Episode 8: The Freelance Travel Journalist... The Photographer... The Writer: Jamie Ditaranto (published Tuesday night April 13th, 2021!)

Jamie's Instagram is: @jamieditaranto.

Jamie Ditaranto joins the podcast from Tulum, Mexico to share the life she has truly lived as she travels and documents the world over. From Japan to Antarctica to Mexico to Oregon Jamie delves deeply into the places she goes through meeting the locals and, literally, walking the road less traveled. She has brought together all of her creative loves into a career as a freelance travel journalist. There, her skills as a photographer and a creative writer combine

with an obsessive love of traveling. Her recent publication in National Geographic has been a highlight of her career, but she is back out there finding the next great place to share with all of us. Even during the pandemic Jamie became a journalist on a mission as she studied the rules and updates. nation by nation and state by state. for her readers seeking to find a safe way, and time, to explore again. After spending most of the past year stateside, she is back out exploring and invites us through her words and images to join her... for at least those moments you engage with her skillfully created content. Follow this New Jersey native by following her name on your favorite social media platform or at

Episode 7: The Cell Phone Tower Climber Electrician...The Musician- Chris Campbell (a.k.a. Cambo) (published Tuesday night April 6th, 2021!)

Cambo's Instagram is: @iam_cambo

Chris Campbell (a.k.a. Cambo) shares his stories of working as a cell phone tower climber, losing his home to a California wildfire, living in Lake Tahoe, and making music all along the way. He describes his guitar as the one piece of home that he has taken with him from his origins in North Jersey to his life out West. We discuss his travels on the job climbing four hundred foot towers, his exploration of beautiful places, and the evolution of his music from 2 chord wonders to his current development of a singer songwriter style solo project EP. After spending a good amount of time working and living out of hotels all around the country, he discusses his life in transition as he lays down his new roots as a ski lift electrician in Tahoe, where he is building what any travel exhausted human desires- a sense of home, community and... and a new love of fly fishing.

EPISODE 6- THE RETIRED WALL ST. LAWYER...THE LOOM ARTIST and DANCER: Carol Chave (published Tuesday night March 30th, 2021!)

Carol's Instagram is: @chave.carol

Carol Chave, is a loom artist and improv dancer, whose life as a Wall St. lawyer could not hide away her creativity. It not only benefitted her in her successful career, but it also found its way into all the aspects of her life even without ever formally studying art. Her desire to fully engage as an artist, and to be more available to her creative kids, led to an early retirement from her law career at age 52. Since then, she has spent the last two decades engaging in her love for making paintings out of textiles on a full sized loom and finding a way, beyond dance classes, to engage in her love of dance. Her support of classically trained musicians in New York City led serendipitously to her participation in an improv live music and dance group called "The Moving Orchestra" that she has danced with since it began in early 2019. Enjoy her story! Check out to see examples of Carol's work and to see where to find Carol's latest creations.

EPISODE 5- THE URBAN PROGRAM DIRECTOR... An INSTRUMENT OF REVIVING A COMMUNITY: Mona Patel (published Tuesday night March 23rd, 2021!)

Mona Patel is our first guest whose passion and creativity does not always end up on paper or canvas, but in relationships with others. Mona, who can't help but live out her early love of being on stage for a cause, is the Founder and Executive Director of The Urban Revival Project, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to supporting youth and adults in everything from food and financial needs to educational tutoring and spiritual counseling, in New Brunswick, NJ. The creativity and life stories of her volunteers lead the way into programs that include the creation of art, writing, and more for those who they work with. Once such program, Art Therapy for women who lost their loved ones to COVID-19, brought together a broken community to create tree of life paintings. Mona has worked as a Christian Youth Leader, Teacher, and Program Director for over 30 years. In this recording we hear all about her road to forming The Urban Revival Project and how discernment at silent retreat centers helped her break into a whole other level of faith in action.

EPISODE 4- THE ART TEACHER...THE COMIC BOOK CREATOR: John Mungiello (Published Tuesday night March 16th, 2021!)

John's Instagram is @jmungiello

John Mungiello, a visual artist whose first love was creating comic books, shares his story about the twists and turns of his creative life. After graduating from SVA in NYC he took a hiatus from drawing and painting to begin his working life as a cashier in a bookstore. It was there, among the stacks that he found his desire to one day publish a book and where he admits he still created, but for an audience of one- his future wife Laura. Since then John began a career as a high school art and special education teacher in NJ and has published his first book- Streamlining Oblivion, a book of poems and illustrations musing about life, the soul's search for meaning, and our strange relationship with cell phones. He continues to teach and create. He describes the relationship between teaching, inspiring students, and bringing his own classroom lessons into his home studio. We catch him during a week off of being an educator and a full scale dive back into his love for creating comic books. In the weeks since he has revived his acclaimed series called Echoes, written a set of short comics, and embarked on creating a graphic novel. Check out this great conversation with John. Its full of amazing insights from this prolific creator who is just realizing what it means to stick by that which you love for life. FYI- There are some swears in the mix on this one.

EPISODE 3- THE FACE PAINTER...THE BALLOON DRESS MAKER...THE VISUAL ARTIST: Kerry Tobin (published Tuesday night March 9th, 2021!)

Kerry's Instagram is @ktobin76

F.I.T graduate, Kerry Tobin, a.k.a. Pixie Pop the Clown, shares her life as a creator from her time in the fashion world to her life as a creative entrepreneur. Her elaborate balloon dresses take 8 or more hours to make, she creates detailed face paintings daily on her own face, and she dreams up holiday decorations, installations, and costumes 6 months ahead of time. Her annual award winning and beloved holiday creations fill her mother's porch in Florida, NY, but also surround Kerry like a walking parade of color wherever she goes when it's time for Pixie Pop to make an appearance. She leaves in her wake balloon creations and smiling faces that have been transformed into unicorns, zombies, animals, etc. with her intricate brushwork. She is a performance artist, a creative entrepreneur and ultimately a master of contemporary art- key word temporary.


Bruce's Instagram is @njart48.

Our guest this week is retired postman, visual artist, Bruce Young. After a 20 year hiatus Bruce returned to his art school roots to start a prolific career as a visual artist. The last decade of his 34 years with the postal office in Highland Lakes, NJ was spent drawing and painting in the stolen hours after work and the time that came available after his kids were grown. Now he can't help but make art throughout all shifts of the day as he sits working in his home studio on commissioned pieces or his own personal concepts. Bruce will work 4 or more days straight on his highly detailed pen and ink drawings so retirement is still very full of putting in some hours. This work, though, is full of customers who praise, a sense of timelessness, and an energy to get up and work in the morning that does not need an alarm clock. He may still depend on putting in overtime to get his paycheck, but making art as his second career has been a true labor of love. At this point, Young works on commissioned projects so much that he has to steal moments to create his personal works (that people often buy as well) and must remind himself to take a break to go to the grocery store or catch a glimpse of the beauty of the beautiful lake that fills the scene just outside of his studio. Bruce's home itself is an art gallery. There you can find his impressive illustrative and imaginative works, but also those of many other Highland Lakes' visual artists. In better times, he puts out a sign inviting people to stop in and check it all out. You can also find his work hanging on the walls of many area galleries and the restaurants and cafes of Vernon, NJ and just over the border in Warwick, NY.


This episode contains a conversation with my brother Mike Dalelio, a career postal worker, who is also known for his creative writing. He helped spark the idea of creating a podcast about art, writing, life, etc. several years ago. It felt appropriate to begin this podcast with him for that reason, but also for the fact that his love of music, books, comic books, etc. led me into my own love for it all. The conversation explores his life as a creator from the days where he and his friends took our family video camera to make horror films to the creation of his own poetry, short stories, songs, and the beginnings of a novel. He has published much of his writing throughout his adult life, but you will have to knock on his door to get your hands on the rest of it. He has spent the majority of his working life delivering mail along the coastline of the New Jersey Shore to help support his family and to indulge in his love for work, but he also moonlights as an online adjunct professor of literature. He admits how much being an artist makes him see the world in a profound way and how his skills as a writer have even been essential as a union leader. Mike discusses the importance of art that comes from the working class and offers great insights into the world of a creative whose mild mannered alter ego, The Postman, is equally something he takes pride in.

By Michael Dalelio. Posted in Issue One and Poetry.

In this handmade world

the black and silver carapace

hooked on a pole is endangered.

Holding the black handle

against her talk, words

spread over us all,

in another place they arrive with precision.

She hollers at the receiver.

She slides the wire to a source.

She has a wide word palette and she sings

like a cricket.

Grin, Grimlyn ("Morris Jacks" is a pseudonym)

I took a step toward The Killman. His face was lost in the dark fluff of his mustache, the tip of his nose and his eyes were visible, and I noticed in those eyes a tension. His lips curved out from under the oiled hair and his smile was no true smile. He was scared. I saw it in a moment, and knew it. I can read people. Instincts born of a smuggler’s life, where most men are as likely to stab you as pay you. He held the box with two hands. Elaborate symbols covered it, laid out fast but sure in charcoal, wizard’s glyphs.

“Just a box,” The Killman said.

Oh Sandy Anthology


Falling Like Flying (Mike's Music)

Your host, Dennis Dalelio, introduces the podcast to the tune of Jai Agnish's music.

Dennis is a visual artist and high school (documentary for social change minded) photo educator who lives and teaches in Northern NJ. His home studio is in Highland Lakes, NJ. There, he and his wife, Kitch (a.k.a Kristin, a.k.a Kitchen,) have lived as a dynamic duo making and teaching art and raising their 5 kids, a dog, and a bunny. True to their Catholic roots, they make an effort to balance and teach their kids to live a modern life with their souls intact; by being part of contemporary culture, but also tapping into the transcendence and wisdom of faith. With that comes video game breaks to do family prayer time and finding time to engage in the ancient practice of creating visual art exploring the themes of faith and family life amidst the sounds of squeaky toys, laughter, karaoke, and lots of superhero movies. All of the ambience heard in the background of this podcast are evidence of that life as Dalelio steals some hours to create these recordings. His guests on the show range from the creatives he has taught, to the teachers, mentors, family, friends, and artists he and Kitch have met along the way of life... or have just admired from afar. These people have encouraged them to make a go at having it all- a life of making and teaching art and raising a family that has everything it needs to survive. The recording of these conversations comes from a hope to encourage and appreciate creative and passion driven people and to create a legacy of media that is about living honestly and sharing stories and insights from that life with everyone else out there just living life, but trying to do so... in a creative way.