Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Conversations with the Poverello" Portfolio

     "Novena" Ink and acrylic on canvas with objects
"Lady Poverty" Wax, thread, carbon copied checks, and a tablecloth
"Resurrection or the Snooze Button" detail- wax, rocks, cot, and cloth
     "Maseo's Siena" Clothing, rope, vines, thread
"The cloth diaper blanket or Brother Jacopa’s Burial Cloth" diapers, candle, cloth
     View inside "Maseo's Siena"

"A Year of Songs" Portfolio

"The Stolen Hours" Portfolio

                          "Nourishment" ink on canvas

"Communion with the Unknown Saints" Pencil on found art   

"A McMansion vs. a Carboard Box" Acrylic on canvas
"Been Through the Desert with Lead Paint Chips" Acrylic, ink, lead paint chips on canvas
"Ghost #1" Acrylic and ink on clothing                                
      "Ghost #2" Acrylic and ink on clothing                            
     "Stolen Hours" Acrylic and ink on a blanket
     "Origin" Acrylic and ink on a blanket

Old Paintings

                      "Seeker" acrylic on canvas
                   "Winter" acrylic on canvas

                  "The Great Divide" mixed media on canvas
                  "Static" ink and acrylic on canvas
                    "The Wedding" acrylic on canvas
                   "Poverty and the Saint" oil on canvas
                 "St. Mark's" Mixed media on canvas
           "My Brother's Kids Vs. the World News" Mixed media on canvas
   "September Clouds and September Smoke" Mixed media on canvas
           "Sleeping Babe" Mixed media on canvas
"Union Place" Mixed media on canvas                            
"St. Jerome" Acrylic on canvas            
     "Consignment" Acrylic on canvas
     "Tech" Mixed media on canvas
     "Local News" Acrylic on Canvas
     "Chair" Mixed media on canvas
     "Lampstands" Mixed media on canvas
      "Woman" Acrylic on canvas


 "Vernon Brushfire" 1st Place Winner 2014 NJPA Better Newspaper Contest

Saturday, May 9, 2015